What to Expect from Dog Hydrotherapy

The needs of all pets are different. They are as individual as you are, so they are evaluated on an individual basis, in conjunction with your vet’s referral form. This approach provides the basis for a fitness or recovery programme tailored exactly to meet the needs of your pet.

On arrival:

On your first session, we will spend time familiarising your pet with the equipment and the pool to ensure that they feel at ease and relaxed in the environment.

Your pet will be given a warm shower before being fitted with a buoyancy aid or harness.

Into the pool:

Access to our large, clean, heated pool is normally via an easy to negotiate ramp. Most dogs take to the entry ramps quickly, some need a little gentle encouragement.

The Swim

Times vary depending on the age, fitness and needs of the dog. Initial swims are short to get them used to this new form of exercise but we aim to increase each session actual swimming time in accordance with their needs and current health condition.

We use chlorine in our pool as this is the most effective but gentle chemical for eradicating contaminants. We also have an Ultra Violet light fitted to ensure the water is as clean as possible. We have monthly bacteria tests to ensure our water is of the best quality.

Post Swim

After the swim your dog receives another warm shower. If your dog is comfortable with hair dryer noises we have a blaster (which most dogs enjoy) to remove the water from your dog’s coat before going home. To safeguard against any further arthritic damage, it’s important to ensure your dog is kept warm until their coat is thoroughly dry. Some of our customers find that water absorbing coats are very useful for the journey home, especially in the winter months.

Keeping records

Careful records will be maintained including responses to treatment models and outcome assessments. This will help us to track your pet’s progress across time. We will also communicate this with your vet to ensure that they are kept up to date with your dogs progress in the pool.